This is my first traditionally published book! The books are now available! You can order a signed copy directly from me by following the button below. Otherwise, the book is available at; Barnes & Noble (both online and in-store;; books-a-million, and others!  You can also ask your local book store or library.
 Description: On brick buildings throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, overlooked, fleeting symbols chronicle the cities' past. Champion, John Deere, and International Harvester still tout their agricultural equipment, and Gold Medal and Pillsbury Flour remind everyone where these now global companies began. Weathered proclamations from Grain Belt, Jacob Schmidt, and Gluek's Beer offer a glimpse into early local brewing. Ads from Schmitt Music and Dahl Violin Shop recall a thriving art scene. Local hardware stores like Welna Ace Hardware and grocery stores like J.H. Allen & Co Grocers and Schoen's Home Grocery hawk long-gone wares through elegant painted announcements.​​​​​​​ Join photographer and author Jay Grammond for a fascinating journey through Twin Cities history.
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